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Wiggle on One Dimension - After Effects Expression

Constrain wiggle to One Dimension (X or Y). NOTE: Wiggles X dimension. For Y dimension only, change last line to [value[0],w[1]]

Wiggle on One Dimension

frequency = 2;
amplitude = 10;
w = wiggle(frequency, amplitude);

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frequency = 2;
amplitude = 10;
w = wiggle(frequency, amplitude);

How to use the Wiggle Expression on One Dimension only

Apply the above expression to the property you want to wiggle. Adjust the frequency to adjust how many wiggles per second, and the amplitude to adjust the strength of the wiggle.

By setting the last line to [w[0],value[1]] we are telling After Effects to use the wiggled value (w[0]) only on the X property, and to use the normal value (value[1]) on the Y property.

Now your wiggle will only wiggle one way.

To wiggle on X only, change the last line to


To wiggle on Y only, change it to


Easy as that!


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