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3D Renders in After Effects (with environment reflections)

Philip von Borries shared an awesome technique for creating 3D shapes with built-in After Effects features. Get complex 3D renders without leaving AE (if you're into that)

  1. Set your renderer to Cinema 4d
  2. Create a shape layer
  3. Add an .hdr image and Right Click > Environment Layer
  4. Extrude your shape layer with Geometry Options and adjust Reflections, etc in Material Options
  5. Boom! Now you can add lights, animate in 3D, whatever you want!

Watch his dope mini-tutorial 👇


BONUS: If you don't have .hdr images, you can easily make your own as a precomp without leaving AE.


Philip has some follow-up tips with more ideas on how to use this technique. Go check his Twitter for more

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