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Help! After Effects is Stuck Off Screen (easy fix)

OK, this might be a niche one. Have you ever had the issue where After Effects get stuck off screen and then you can't reach the top bar to move the window, so you have no way of getting it back?

No? consider yourself lucky.

It happens to me sometimes when I unplug an external monitor.

Next time, try

CTRL/CMD + \ to maximize app window

THANK YOU to Roland for the shortcut, and thanks to Austin for sharing the question so we could all benefit from it.

If that doesn't work

  1. Try option+click resizing the window from the corner until you can grab the window and move it.
  2. Try changing your display resolution - it should reset After Effects to fit the screen. Quit AE, then change your resolution back and restart AE. Pray it works.

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