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How to animate a snake (problem solving in After Effects)

This week, Alex Deaton is back with another incredible breakdown.

But I'm not sharing this just because it's a mesmerizing animation of a snake. The real gold is in the rest of the thread, where he breaks down his problem-solving process step by step to end up with this animation.

Alex had an issue that every animator runs into - a really cool design that you have no idea how to animate.

Something that separates pro animators from amateur animators is ability to stay on model when you're animating. A large part of the process is figure out ways to keep the integrity of the designs or styleframes in your animation.

Check out the rest of the thread to see how Alex did it.

Then you can check out Grumshow's tweet where he managed to recreate the effect using createPath() and round corners.

And then another follow up from Daan Dirk de Jonge

Always multiple ways to do everything :)

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