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Rig & Animate a 2D Paper Scroll

Jacob Richardson shares a quick 1 minute breakdown on how to make an animated 2D paper scroll. It goes kinda like this

  1. Design the scroll in Illustrator (see video for more details)
  2. Bring your paper layers in After Effects
  3. Animate the contents of your paper in one long composition (for front and back)
  4. Animate the content comp behind one of the paper layers
  5. Do the same for the rest of the paper layers, offsetting each layer so it starts when the previous one finishes
  6. Rig all the keyframes together to be be controlled by one control (using Joysticks n Sliders or similar)
  7. Profit!

Watch the breakdown here:

by Jacob Richardson

Jacob also has a 3-minute version of this tutorial on youtube

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