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Separate Dimensions on Any Property

I LOVE to use Separate Dimensions when animating the Position of a layer.

Unfortunately, you can't do that for scale or any other multi-dimensional property.

Or can you?


Here's simple way to Separate Dimensions on any multi-dimensional property.

Add 2 Slider Controls to your layer. Effect > Expression Control > Slider Control

  • Rename the Slider Controls to Scale X and Scale Y

Now on your chosen property, Option/Alt + Click the stopwatch to Add an Expression

Add this expression to the Property (Scale for my example)

x = effect("Scale X")("Slider") // links to slider 1
y = effect("Scale Y")("Slider") // links to slider 2

If you did everything like I did, it will look like this!


Now you can animate X & Y separately using the two slider values!

And you have easy control of the graph curves for X & Y instead of the mess you had before.


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