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Set a Default Folder Structure for New Projects

Tired of making the same folders each time you start a new project?

You can save a template that will automatically do that for you. Here's how:

  • Create a new project file with your preferred folder structure

Don't want to make your own template? You can have mine

  • Save this blank project somewhere.
  • Open Preferences → New Project
  • Check "New Project Loads Template" and load your saved template file!

Now every time you create a new project, it will load up this template!

You could even use this to load a specific set of brand assets into a new project if you're working on something that requires many different project files.

But this begs the question...

Why should you keep your project organized?

It's crucial in working with a team or passing off projects to others.

Even if you work alone, have you ever opened up an old project from a couple years ago? Yikes.

Keep your projects organized: make future you happy.

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