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Solo/Hide Layer Properties in the Timeline Panel

Here's some handy shortcuts to help you work faster in the timeline panel.

Reveal/Hide All Properties

Instead of manually twirling down all your properties, Hold Cmd/Ctrl + Click on the little twirl icon. It will alternate reveal all properties. Cmd/Ctrl + Click again, and it will collapse all properties!

Solo Selected Properties

Select the properties and press “SS” (double tap the S) to solo them.

Hide Selected Properties

Select the Properties and press “Shift + SS” (double tab the “S” key) to hide them.

Hide Specific Properties

Opt/Alt + Shift + Click on the property you want to hide

Solo multiple transform properties at once

Reveal a transform property on your layer with a shortcut (“P” for Position).

Hold down Shift and press any of the other transform shortcuts to reveal more properties

P = Position
S = Scale
R = Rotation
A = Anchor Point
T = tOpacity